Four Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Four Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Studies indicate that nearly half of all domestic pets are overweight. Dogs aren’t exempt from this statistic! IF you think your pooch could stand to lose a few pounds, use these four tips from a Chico vet.

Exercise Dog Daily

There’s no substitute for the tried-and-true method of losing weight: exercising! Set aside time every single day to have your dog exercise. Go on a walk, run around the yard, play fetch or tug-of-war, or simply romp around on the living room floor. However you do it, see that your dog gets some physical activity every day. Consult your veterinarian about other easy ways to get your dog moving.

Feed Proper Portions

Many dog owners give their dog too much food during each mealtime, which eventually leads to obesity. Instead, dole out proper portion sizes—check the packaging on your dog’s food or ask your veterinarian if you’re unsure. Also, it’s important to not free-feed. Free-feeding involves leaving food out all the time for a dog to eat as he pleases. This may work for puppies who are growing at a rapid rate, but an adult dog will surely gain too much weight.

Cut Back on Treats

Do you slip your dog a few treats every once in a while, for no real reason other than to make him happy? Your intentions may be well-placed, but your method is misguided! Too many treats simply pack on empty calories. Try using treats—one at a time, please!—as a reward for good behavior or for training purposes. Giving them treats constantly won’t do any good and will only pack on the pounds.

See the Vet

Remember that regularly veterinary visits are key to keeping your dog’s weight and overall health in top condition. If your dog is overweight, the first veterinary appointment is key to setting up the proper weight-loss plan for your pooch, and subsequent appointments will keep your dog’s diet in check. Set up an appointment with your Chico vet’s office today!

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