Why Playtime with Your Pet is So Important

Why Playtime with Your Pet is So Important

Playtime is probably a regular part of you and your pet’s routine, but have you ever thought about all it does for your pet? It’s much more than just plain fun. Learn more below from a Chico veterinarian.

Physical Benefits

The obvious benefit of playtime is physical activity and exercise. While your pet is moving around, she’s burning off calories and working out her muscles and joints! Make sure you’re setting aside time every day to have your pet exercise, whether you’re playing fetch, tossing a toy, or just romping around on the floor.

Behavioral Improvements

Most pets need adequate attention to maintain good behavior. A bored pet often will amuse themselves by scratching furniture, chewing up shoes, or with other destructive behaviors. Regular playtime can help avoid all these problems—your pet knows the proper time for romping and having fun is coming up each day, so they’ll be far less likely to destroy things on their own time.

Mental Stimulation

Playtime is also great for keeping your pet’s mental facilities sharp—it keeps reflexes quick and reaction times fast. Try having your pet search for things through a hide-and-seek game, training them to follow commands, or navigate a homemade obstacle course. These activities are not only great fun for your pet, they’re a workout for the brain!

Bonding Time

Don’t forget about another key benefit of pet playtime: great pet and owner bonding time! Our cats and dogs need regular love and affection, and playtime is a great way to accomplish that. You’ll learn about your pet’s likes and dislikes, mannerisms, and habits, and the time you spend together will only strengthen your relationship. Keep you and your pet’s connection strong and healthy by playing with them every day.

If you have any questions, or would like to discover more great playtime suggestions, give your Chico veterinarian a call today.

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