Give Your Senior Cat the Finest Care

Give Your Senior Cat the Finest Care

Your twelve-year-old cat Susie is the apple of your eye. Susie came to your family as a young kitten, and you’ve enjoyed seeing this beautiful girl grow into a healthy, energetic adult cat. While Susie was always spoiled rotten, you’ve really gone over the top since your cat became a feline senior citizen. You feed Susie before your other pets each morning, and your lucky feline even has her own senior cat bed. You’re doing everything possible to keep Susie healthy in her golden years, so you’ve asked your veterinarian from Chico to give your cat some specialized nutritional counseling. Learn more about senior cats’ care needs below.

Senior Cat Nutritional Plan

Susie’s tummy seems a bit rounder lately, and she waddles a bit when she walks. In contrast, your friend’s senior cat has actually lost some weight as he’s gotten older. After your vet analyzes Susie’s nutritional needs and daily activities, he’ll create a diet that nourishes your cat without causing her to gain weight.

Track Susie’s weight closely with a scale that shows even small changes. Keep in mind that unexplained weight loss can indicate a developing medical condition. Don’t waste time – get Susie to your vet quickly so he can pinpoint and treat her problem before it intensifies.

Personal Grooming Pleasures

Susie got accustomed to daily brushing sessions when she was just a tiny kitten. Each morning, you brush her luxurious coat while Susie purrs loudly with pleasure. You’re certainly happy to gather loose hair that can lead to hairballs. Brushing also improves Susie’s circulation and stimulates her skin, both helping to make her coat shine.

If Susie has abandoned her scratching post, give her little claws a regular trim. Finally, don’t tell Susie, but give her a secret mini-physical exam. Run your hands over Susie’s skin and coat, and feel for anything that seems strange. Alert your vet quickly if you find something unusual.

Feline Stress Reduction Program

Susie doesn’t want to be a stressed-out senior cat. In fact, Susie doesn’t want any stress at all. If you’re remodeling your home, moving, or otherwise disrupting your life, give Susie some extra attention so she stays calm. If you’ve planned a vacation or business trip, ask a familiar neighbor, relative, or friend to care for Susie in their home. And remember that Susie doesn’t want you to bring more pets home while she’s in charge.

Since you want much-loved Susie to enjoy her golden years, you’ll gladly make the effort to provide special care for your senior cat. When Susie next visits her Chico vet, he’ll greet a healthy cat who’s very happy with her cushy life.

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