Stop Your Dog from Digging Up the Backyard

Stop Your Dog from Digging Up the Backyard

Your retriever mix Sammy is preparing for the National Digging Championships. While your good-natured pooch is an underdog, he has embraced the challenge, working furiously to gain experience by continuously digging holes in your backyard. As the clods and dirt fly, your busy dog looks happier all the time. However, his behavior is making a shambles of your yard, and must stop now. Tomorrow, your Chico veterinarian will give your industrious dog some much-needed behavioral counseling.

Your Digger’s Motivations

What’s behind your digger’s frantic destruction? He might be wondering what’s underneath all that grass or beyond that forbidden fence. Maybe he’s remembering his “wild dog” days, when he would hollow out a cozy den for protection and shelter.

Since Sammy’s a goal-oriented dog without a regular job, he might be searching for a rewarding activity. You might even regard your pooch’s actions as a “gateway behavior,” potentially leading him to undesirable antics such as non-stop barking or furniture chewing.

World-Class Diggers

If Sammy was a feisty terrier or dachshund, you’d find it really difficult to make him stop the yard destruction. After all, these smallish dogs were bred to dig small game out of their holes. Without any likely targets, these dogs are happy to focus their efforts on rooting moles or gophers out of your flower beds. If you don’t give these determined canines a very good reason to give up that behavior, they’ll continue it indefinitely.

Exercise Is the Key

By giving Sammy lots of energetic exercise, he’ll hopefully find himself too tired to work on the yard. Try more brisk neighborhood walks, dog park visits, fast-paced fetch games, and other workouts the vet thinks your dog can handle. If your pooch was a super-energetic dog, such as a border collie or Dalmatian, high-intensity activities would be even more important.

Once your Chico veterinarian hears about Sammy’s yard demolition work, he’ll develop a plan to replace that bad habit with a more acceptable behavior. To stop your dog from turning your yard into a grassy mudhole, call us for expert assistance.

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