How Your Dog Benefits from Regular Walks

How Your Dog Benefits from Regular Walks

Your golden retriever Charley is eyeing up the Canine Olympics Race Walking Team. To get himself in shape, your goal-directed dog has been trotting faster around the block lately. You’re happy that your canine housemate enjoys his brisk jaunts; and your Chico vet is pleased that your dog takes fitness seriously. Charley’s walks help him to stay flexible and strengthen his muscles. He also receives other benefits from his frequent fast-paced treks.

Improved Digestion and Healthier Weight

Your dog’s digestive system doesn’t always run like clockwork; and he has also experienced some embarrassing bouts with constipation. Although your vet has addressed these conditions, regular exercise can help to stabilize your pooch’s bodily functions. Since he’s susceptible to weight gain, brisks walks burn up calories and make him more likely to maintain a healthier scale number.

More Self-Confident Dog

When you adopted Charley two years ago, he was a painfully shy pooch who wouldn’t leave the exercise yard’s corner when you gently approached him. He was also afraid to mingle with other shelter dogs. Fortunately, you encouraged your handsome pooch to become more confident and outgoing. Those attitude changes helped to prepare him for socializing in the outside world.

After hundreds of neighborhood walks, and many energetic dog park visits, your canine introvert became quite sociable. Now, he’s first in line to explore new situations that would have previously sent him cowering under the furniture.

Decreased Disobedient Behavior

Along with his socialization challenges, your dog clearly needed some discipline and obedience training. When he became bored or fidgety, your industrious pooch released his pent-up energy by chewing on your furniture or baseboards. He also happily jumped on visitors as a means of greeting them. That questionable behavior put a halt to most social invitations.

Now desperate, you booked your undisciplined dog into a basic obedience class. He was thrilled to bring some structure into his life, and graduated first in his class. Today, you can confidently take Charley on dog park visits, neighborhood walks, and social engagements without worrying who will become his next victim. Your house is also in much better condition.

Your Chico vet was pleased to see Charley’s physical and mental transformation, with his regular walks playing a large part in that success. If your dog needs to adopt a regular exercise routine, call us for an appointment.

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