Clever Ways To Hide Fluffy’s Litterbox

Clever Ways To Hide Fluffy’s Litterbox

Litterboxes make it very easy to care for cats, but they aren’t anyone’s ideal decorative piece. They can also get a bit stinky. This may not be much of an issue for people with big houses, but those in smaller spaces often have a hard time finding the perfect spot for Fluffy’s powder room. We can help! Read on as a Chico, CA vet lists some great ways to camouflage your feline pal’s bathroom.


Plants not only make your home seem cozy and welcoming: they also help filter the air. Look for a multi-tiered plant shelf, and surround your pet’s litterbox with greenery. Just be sure to choose only pet-safe options. You’ll find a full list online at the ASPCA website here.

End Tables

End tables can be upcycled in quite a few ways. If you get the kind with doors, you can just cut a kitty hole in one side. Then, you can still use the doors for access. You can also use an end table with legs. Put the litterbox under it, and a pet-safe plant on top. Drape fabric over it if you like.

Storage Totes

Storage totes may not come to mind as a decorative hack. However, you can dress them up with paint, contact paper, stencils, or stickers. Get a large one, and cut a kitty door in one side.


Chests are a purrfect way to hiding litterboxes. You can sometimes find inexpensive used ones at thrift stores or yard sales. Wicker ones are also an attractive option. As with the totes and end tables, you’ll just need to cut a hole in one side.

Repurposed Closet

Do you have a small broom closet, or perhaps a utility room? Put the litterbox in there, and install a cat door in the door. (Note: this probably isn’t a good idea for renters, as it may affect your deposit.)

Folding Screens

Folding screens are a very simple and attractive solution. Set one up kitty corner with the litterbox behind it. Leave just enough room for your pet to get in and out.

Custom Pieces

DIY isn’t the only option here. If you like online shopping, try searching for custom cat litterbox furniture. You’ll find some very attractive pieces!

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