Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard

Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard

Do you have a yard for your canine companion to run and play in? If so, that’s great. Although dogs shouldn’t be outdoors too long, they do enjoy getting some fresh air, exercise, and sunshine. Why not make your yard into a doggy haven? A Chico, CA vet offers tips on making a dog-friendly yard in this article.


Although Fido should live indoors, he’ll enjoy having a spot of his own to hang out in outdoors. Choose something with good insulation, so your pet is protected from bad weather. Wood is a good option, but avoid pressure-treated wood: the chemicals used to process it make it toxic to dogs. The doghouse shouldn’t be too large: dogs are more comfortable in cozy dens than in a roomy mansion.

Splashing Fun

Want to really get Fido’s tail wagging? Put a kiddie pool in your yard for him to splash around in. To conserve resources, use the water for plants once your pooch is done playing. You can also get a pet fountain.

Pet-safe Plants

One key aspect of having a dog-friendly yard is making sure that your yard only contains plants that are safe for your pooch. Sago palms, for example, are extremely toxic to dogs. Foxtail grasses are another concern. They aren’t poisonous, but have sharp seed awns that can work their way beneath pets’ skin, causing severe internal injuries. Check the ASPCA site here for a list of unsafe plants.


Who says you have to choose between having a dog and having a garden? Divide your yard up into sections, and dedicate one to your plants and one to your pup. You’ll need some sort of border or boundary, of course. A fence is fine, but you can also use low brick walls, large plant pots, driftwood, or thick hedges.

Ground Cover

Mulch is a very popular ground cover, but it really isn’t the best thing to use with dogs. Some pooches will chew on the pieces, which is of course very dangerous. Fido could also get splinters in his paws. Cocoa mulch is especially concerning, as it’s toxic to pups. Opt for sand, smooth pebble stones, or paving stones. If you want something green, thyme, buffalo grass, or artificial grass are all good options.

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